Break the Threshold Webinar Series 2019

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Break the Threshold Webinar Series 2018

Webinar 1: Finding Purpose!

How to develop your purpose and sense of purpose.

  • The COACH state
  • What’s your life purpose?
  • Developing a Reason for Being
  • Start by using the Pillars of Purpose
  • Reflection and Purpose

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Webinar 2: The Shape of Journeys

How to use the Hero’s Journey for your own growth.

  • The story of your life
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • The Archetypes
  • The Shape of the Transformative Journey
  • Your Hero’s Journey

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Webinar 3: Tools of the Hero

Discover the core strengths needed for the Hero’s Journey as a path for self-development and growth.

  • A journey interrupted
  • The strengths of the Hero
  • Developing awareness
  • A journey completed

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Webinar 6: Wholebrain Thinking and the Hero’s Journey

Discover the necessity for creative thinking and the various thinking styles people use  and how they can be applied to the Hero’s journey.

  • The Transformational Journey
  • Wholebrain Thinking – An 8-Dimensional Approach
  • The Transformational Journey Revisited
  • Developments in Neuroscience – Neuroplasticity

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